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  • 14.03.2021Disabling SMS and Twitter notifications
    Due to new regulatory restrictions we have disabled SMS and Twitter notifications. Other types of notifications remain functional.
  • 07.11.2017Whois Parsers Updated and Extended
    We have updated and extended our WHOIS record parsers that are used by Bulk Whois API project as well as our Whois Online tool. Users are now provided with more accurate data and also more fields are parsed.
  • 20.08.2017Updated Mail Blacklists

    We have removed dysfunctional blacklists from our database and we have added new blacklists as well. This database is used by our Mail Blacklist Checker and Mail Blacklist Monitor services. The current number of blacklist our services use is 153.

  • 01.07.2017SERP Checker Improvements

    We have improved our SERP Checker tool. Previously, some special links were not included in the results. The tool has been updated to support them. We are constantly monitoring our services to keep them running so that you can enjoy your online life more.

  • 14.06.2016Amberloom Perk

    Our users have now one more reason to become paying customers. Online Domain Tools Perk program now includes an exclusive offer from Amberloom Website Checker. With this perk, you get 40 % more requests on your first Amberloom purchase. Enjoy the perk and make your online life easier and happier with Online Domain Tools!

  • 29.05.2016HTML Validator

    Introducing HTML Validator tool, a tool that was really missing on our site. HTML validation service is one of the basic services that we feel our site should provide, but we did not have it until now. Our HTML validator checks code of web pages against the HTML5 standard using W3C validation engine called The Nu Html Checker. Using this engine guarantees the results are as good as possible and really reflect the HTML5 standard requirements.

  • 03.05.2016Real-time and task API for Bulk Email Verifier

    Our Bulk Email Verifier platform now offers real-time API for fast email verification as well as API for tasks to verify larger mailing lists. Real-time API is suitable to include into registration forms as it is guaranteed to provide an answer within 20 seconds, but usually even faster.

    For more information about the API and C# and PHP code samples, see the Email Verifier API specification. platform is based on Online Domain Tools Email Verifier engine, but unlike the ODT Email Verifier tool, it is designed to process large verification tasks, it is much more reliable and also many times faster.

  • 19.04.2016Website Speed Test

    Website Speed Test is a new tool in our arsenal! It provides an in-depth analysis of a website page load speed using a set of rules designed by experts from Yahoo! and Google. Information from this test is crucial for today's web developers, to understand how to improve their visitors user experience by rendering web pages as fast as possible. All aspects of page loading are tested, including DNS lookups, number of TCP connection required, rendering time, use of minification and compression, loading of JavaScript and style sheet files, etc.

    A recent study confirmed that page speed is an important factor for Google search engine and the faster you are able to deliver and render your pages to your visitors, especially to those accessing the site from the mobile devices, the more traffic you will get from search engines. So, don't miss this one and test your web now!

  • 29.03.2016Amberloom Website Checker

    Proudly releasing Amberloom Website Checker – The most comprehensive website checker on the Internet. Classic web checkers and other online tools are focused on one or two things. One tool checks your web for broken links and you have to use another tool to get your HTML code validated, or your SSL/TLS configuration checked, or have your mail servers checked against blacklists ... With Amberloom, you enter your domain or URL, and select which checks and analyzes you want to be done and that's it. Once everything is finished, you receive an email and you can generate your report.

    But there is more! If you like, you can configure the contents of your report and define how detailed information you want to see for each test in the report. Moreover, Amberloom supports White-Labeling! You can change the design of your reports, re-brand them and sell them under your name.

    Amberloom comes as FREEMIUM. This means you can run your checks and get perfect HTML or PDF reports completely free of charge? What is there for paying users? Faster processing using high priority queues and white labeling features are offered on commercial bases only.

    Start with Amberloom tour to learn how easy it is to generate detailed report for your website.

  • 04.02.2016Outgoing Emails Problem (updated)

    We are currently experiencing problems in our email subsystem due to Spamhaus blacklisting of the hosting company where we have our primary mail server. We are working on the issue and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    Update: The issue should now be resolved as Spamhaus removed the listing. We have also installed a secondary email server that we will switch to if we experience a similar problem in the future.

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