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  • 29.03.2016Amberloom Website Checker

    Proudly releasing Amberloom Website Checker – The most comprehensive website checker on the Internet. Classic web checkers and other online tools are focused on one or two things. One tool checks your web for broken links and you have to use another tool to get your HTML code validated, or your SSL/TLS configuration checked, or have your mail servers checked against blacklists ... With Amberloom, you enter your domain or URL, and select which checks and analyzes you want to be done and that's it. Once everything is finished, you receive an email and you can generate your report.

    But there is more! If you like, you can configure the contents of your report and define how detailed information you want to see for each test in the report. Moreover, Amberloom supports White-Labeling! You can change the design of your reports, re-brand them and sell them under your name.

    Amberloom comes as FREEMIUM. This means you can run your checks and get perfect HTML or PDF reports completely free of charge? What is there for paying users? Faster processing using high priority queues and white labeling features are offered on commercial bases only.

    Start with Amberloom tour to learn how easy it is to generate detailed report for your website.