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  • 03.12.2015Generate Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificates

    We are happy to launch Free SSL/TLS Certificate Generator tool, which is a simple web interface for generating fully trusted Let's Encrypt certificates for your web projects. No longer you need to buy commercial certificates to run your web over HTTPS.

    The primary goal of Let's Encrypt project is a fully automated generation and installation of HTTPS certificate on web servers. The full automation, however, requires installation of Let's Encrypt client to the target server and this might cause problems to some users, also because not all platforms and environments are supported. This is why Online Domain Tools created the Free SSL/TLS Certificate Generator interface. With this tool, everyone can easily create a valid HTTPS certificate with only a few clicks.

    Enjoy the new tool and make your online life easier and happier with Online Domain Tools!

  • 13.10.2015New tool – Mail Server Test

    Mail Server Test is our brand new tool, created to help domain owners, network administrators, and administrators of mail servers by checking their mail server and DNS configurations. This tool works with a set of rules based on RFC standards and industry best practices for achieving high email delivery rates, avoiding blacklists, and avoiding having your messages marked as spam.

    The Mail Server Testing tool is relevant to you even if you do not have your own mail server and your emails are being sent via a third party service such as Mandrill, Mailgun, or SendGrid, because you still need to configure your DNS records properly. And you might also be interested to check if your outgoing email service is well configured.

    Enjoy the new tool and make your online life easier and happier with Online Domain Tools!

  • 19.09.2015DNS Zone Checker

    We are releasing DNS Zone Health Checker, a new tool designed to thoroughly analyze the status of your DNS setup. There are over 200 rules that this tool uses to find out whether your DNS zone and your name servers are properly configured, consistent, reachable, etc. in order to provide the most efficient and reliable host resolving service to your visitors.

    It is quite common that DNS setups are not perfect, which may cause various delays in domain to IP address translations and thus worsen your visitors' experience. More serious errors can also lead to situations in which the end client is completely unable to reach your servers. Our DNS checker can be used to prevent such situations and also to help diagnose and fix problems with your DNS.

    The tool supports advanced features such as DNSSEC, IPv6 resolution checking, and IDN domains, which makes it quite rare among similar DNS health testing tools. We hope you will enjoy our new tool, designed as always to make your online life happier and easier!

  • 27.07.201520 % Extra Requests on Bulk Email Verifier

    As our second Online Domain Tools Perk, we have 20 % Extra Requests bonus on the first order on email verification service. The maximum number of bonus requests for each user is 50,000.

    Online Domain Tools Perks are special exclusive offers for our paying customers. If you ever bought a credit package or a subscription on Online Domain Tools, you will get access to these perks. This is your free bonus from us, our thank you for your purchase.

  • 18.07.2015New Database Server Deployed

    We have deployed a new database server, which required our servers to be put into the maintenance mode for about 150 minutes. This upgrade should mitigate all the sluggish behavior and occasional failures of the tasks that you might have experienced during the last week. Thanks to this upgrade our servers will be able to handle the load of all our users and visitors and we will be able to provide perfectly stable services again.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this upgrade caused to you.

  • 17.07.2015TLS & SSL Checker

    We are happy to publish TLS & SSL Checker – a new tool in our arsenal. This tool analyzes TLS/SSL services and provides detailed reports on the status of their security and configuration, including information on certificates and whether the target services are vulnerable to any of the known TLS/SSL related bugs, such as Heartbleed, POODLE, BEAST, CRIME, FREAK etc. It also provides details about used cipher suites and warns you in case any weak or insecure ciphers are available on your server.

    The tool supports scanning different ports and does even support STARTTLS for known protocols such as POP3 or SMTP.

    TLS & SSL Checker is a must have tool for any administrator that deploys or manages services protected by TLS/SSL protocols. We hope it will help you make your servers more secure and thus make your online life happier and easier!

  • 23.06.2015Nmap Online Scanner API

    We have implemented API for Nmap Online tool. It is now easy to invoke a customized Nmap scan of your machines using a simple HTTPS POST request. The result of the scan is delivered as a fully structured JSON document converted from the Nmap scanner's XML output. The API documentation is available in the updated Online Domain Tools API blog post.

    This is just another improvement to make your online life easier, and we are already working on the next one.

  • 19.06.2015Improved Whois Parser
    We have significantly improved our Whois parser. All WHOIS servers that comply with ICANN WHOIS format specification should now be parsed perfectly. This change also improves our Bulk Whois API service.
  • 09.06.2015Keyword Rank SERP Checker API
    We have released API for Keyword Rank SERP Checker. The full specification is available in updated Online Domain Tools API blog post.
  • 02.06.2015New Bulk Email Verification Service

    We are happy to announce that we have just released a new bulk email verifier service. is the new email verification platform that we developed to make it easier for everyone to maintain and cleanup larger email lists.

    The new email verification platform can handle up to 1,000,000 email addresses per single task. It is very easy to use and it is faster than our email verifier tool. It comes with fancy responsive design, suitable for both desktop and mobile users. We will be happy if you try it.

    Enjoy our new service and make your online life easier with Online Domain Tools!