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  • 19.09.2015DNS Zone Checker

    We are releasing DNS Zone Health Checker, a new tool designed to thoroughly analyze the status of your DNS setup. There are over 200 rules that this tool uses to find out whether your DNS zone and your name servers are properly configured, consistent, reachable, etc. in order to provide the most efficient and reliable host resolving service to your visitors.

    It is quite common that DNS setups are not perfect, which may cause various delays in domain to IP address translations and thus worsen your visitors' experience. More serious errors can also lead to situations in which the end client is completely unable to reach your servers. Our DNS checker can be used to prevent such situations and also to help diagnose and fix problems with your DNS.

    The tool supports advanced features such as DNSSEC, IPv6 resolution checking, and IDN domains, which makes it quite rare among similar DNS health testing tools. We hope you will enjoy our new tool, designed as always to make your online life happier and easier!