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  • 17.07.2015TLS & SSL Checker

    We are happy to publish TLS & SSL Checker – a new tool in our arsenal. This tool analyzes TLS/SSL services and provides detailed reports on the status of their security and configuration, including information on certificates and whether the target services are vulnerable to any of the known TLS/SSL related bugs, such as Heartbleed, POODLE, BEAST, CRIME, FREAK etc. It also provides details about used cipher suites and warns you in case any weak or insecure ciphers are available on your server.

    The tool supports scanning different ports and does even support STARTTLS for known protocols such as POP3 or SMTP.

    TLS & SSL Checker is a must have tool for any administrator that deploys or manages services protected by TLS/SSL protocols. We hope it will help you make your servers more secure and thus make your online life happier and easier!