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  • 18.01.2015Blacklist Monitoring Service

    We are happy to release a brand new tool – Mail Server Blacklist Monitor. This tool is primarily intended for hosting companies, Internet service providers, university campuses, VPN services, and all other companies who manage many IP addresses and care about their reputation on the network. If you have thousands of IP addresses, this is a must-have service for you! However, the service is also perfectly usable for companies of all sizes and types that manage their own email servers and operate with only one or a couple of IP addresses.

    Blacklist Monitor periodically checks your IP addresses against more than 150 DNSBL and RBL blacklists. With each monitor, you can specify, which events will trigger an alert and you can define, whether you want to receive email alerts, or HTTP(S) callback alerts, or both. You can also receive summary reports if you want.

    When your IP address is blacklisted, you will probably like to have it cleaned. And we have made this as easy as possible for you. For each blacklist that supports delisting, we provide a link to the its delisting page, where you can request removal from the blacklist. If a blacklist does not provide this option, we give you a link to its information page, so that you can get more information about your IP's listing and act accordingly.

    This delisting support was also added to our Mail Blacklist Checker, just to make your online life easier.

    And finally, we should not forget to mention the unbeatable pricing of our blacklist monitoring service. You pay with Online Domain Tools credits for each execution of the blacklist monitor, so the final price of your monitoring depends on the monitoring frequency that you set. For example, you can set up daily monitoring of up to 3 IP addresses completely free of charge. More pricing examples can be found on the Blacklist Monitor page.