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Wallet: 3.00
Daily Credits:
1.20 / 1.20


  • 31.10.2014Free Daily Credits Amounts Increased

    Good news for everyone! As we add more and more tools and even more are coming, our users need more credits to work with Online Domain Tools. This is why we have decided to increase the amounts of free daily credits provided to all our users by 50 %. As you can see on the Pricing page, the following are the new amounts of free daily credits after the increase:

    Daily Credits Base

    • Unregistered users: 1.20
    • Non-paying registered users: 1.50
    • Paying customers: 3.00

    Preferences Affecting Daily Credits (registered users only, these can be configured in User Management > Preferences)

    • SMS verified account: +0.75
    • Enable ads: +0.60
    • Enable marketing emails: +0.30
    • Enable newsletter: +0.15

    Depending on your timezone settings, please allow up to 24 hours for this change to be applied to your account.