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  • 22.10.2014Bulk Email Verifier and IP Location Finder

    Bulk Email Verifier and IP Location Finder are two new tools that we are releasing today.

    Email Verifier is a feature rich tool that can tell you which email addresses are valid and which are not. Using this tool, you can easily filter out fake and invalid emails from your mailing lists. So, what are its main features?

    • Check up to 1000 emails at once,
    • detailed analysis for each email,
    • greylisting support,
    • database of disposable / 10 minute email services,
    • catch-all address detection.

    IP Location Finder is a handy tool if you are investigating an IP address or a domain. This tool not only gives you geolocation information of the target machine and shows it on a map, but it also provides reverse domain and ASN/BGP information that tells you which Internet Services Provider (ISP) it belongs under and which networks is the target machine's network connected to in the Internet.

    Enjoy our new tools and make your online life easier with Online Domain Tools again!