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  • 04.09.2014Twitter and HTTP Callback Notifications
    Twitter and HTTP(S) Callback notifications are available! In the past, you could receive notifications from tools such as Server Monitoring or Domain Monitor through SMS and email only. We have implemented three new types of notifications that you can use:
    • HTTP(S) Callback – This type of notification generates an HTTP(S) GET request to a target URL that you define. You can thus create a script that automatically reacts on a notification we sent to you.
    • Twitter - Direct Message – Twitter users can receive notifications via direct messages from our Twitter account to their accounts.
    • Twitter - Tweet – This is a special type of notification that is intended for Server Monitoring service only. If you set this type of notification for your server monitor, we will create a new tweet on behalf of your Twitter account that will inform your followers that a server monitoring event (server went down or up again) occurred.
    For more information, or to create a new notification contact, please log in to your account and navigate to Notifications in your User Management using the side menu on your right, and click the Add notification button.