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  • 08.07.2014IDN and New gTLDs in Whois Online

    Whois Online now supports internationalized domain names (IDNs) and new generic top-level domains (gTLD).

    IDNs are domain names that contain non-ASCII characters. An example of such a domain is ジェーピーニック.jp. Whois Online is now fully capable of obtaining whois records for such domains – see ジェーピーニック.jp whois record.

    New gTLDs have been introduced recently into the online world. These are new top-level domains that you can use for your projects if you do not like traditional domains, such as .com, or if they are taken already. Soon, there will be hundreds of new gTLD including .GURU, .CAMERA, .CEO, etc. For a full list and more information about new gTLD, please visit the related ICANN page. Our Whois tool has been upgraded to support these new top-level domains. See whois record of

    Stay tuned – new tools and improvements to Online Domain Tools are coming! We are currently working on Keyword Rank SERP Checker, which will be released soon.