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  • 28.05.2014Online Domain Tools 2.0

    We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our system to version 2.0. The number of new features, improvements, and bug fixes is enormous, so here is a list of the most important news:

    • User accounts – Fully featured system of users and accounts.
    • Credit system – Unique system of credits that allows you to go beyond limitations of the old system if you need it.
    • Server Monitoring tool – Professional server monitoring service that is highly competitive in its features and prices.
    • Support system – Standard solution to deal with users' requests.

    User accounts

    In the previous version of Online Domain Tools, you could create a user account that was very limited in its features, supported few tools and was hard to maintain. The new fully featured system of accounts is what many of you were asking for.

    We strictly distinguish between users and accounts. A user is logs in using his/her email address. A user is a member of one or more accounts. Each user is an owner of its primary account, which is created with the user's registration. The owner can add other users to his/her primary account and assign account rights to them. The user always operates under one account at any given moment, which is the account that is currently selected as active in its account selection. If a user is a member of more accounts, he/she can switch to another account and perform actions in its context.

    We support two types of accounts – personal and business. Each legal entity is entitled to have one account. For example, if you use Online Domain Tools in your company and you also use it for yourself at home, you can have two accounts – one business account and one personal account.

    We also support guests – users without account, anonymous visitors, who can user Online Domain Tools as well. If you do not use Online Domain Tools regularly, you do not need to register an account and you can simply use the tools as you did in the previous version of our system. However, there are many benefits for you if you are a registered user. For more information on this topic, please read the information on the Pricing page.

    Credit system

    In the previous version of our system, each tool has its fixed limit on how often you could use it. This limitation has been removed completely from our system and you can now use any tool as often as you like, provided that you have enough credits on your account. Do not worry, each user, including anonymous unregistered visitors, receive free daily credits every day. More information about the credit system can be found on the Pricing page.

    You might be interested to know how the credit system was configured. We have analyzed the activity of all users of Online Domain Tools within the last 6 months. Based on these data we have setup credit costs of all actions in Online Domain Tools 2.0 so that at least 90 % of all our visitors will be able to use our services just as before free of charge without even need to register an account, and at least 95 % of all our visitors will be able to use our services free of charge if they register an account. For professionals that use our services extensively, we have prepared cheap credit packages and subscriptions that will allow them to use our services much more than ever before.

    Server Monitoring tool

    We are introducing a new server monitoring tool that is cheap, easy to use, and highly customizable. You can monitor various services of your servers, such as web servers, email servers, FTP servers, you can monitor ping responsiveness of your server, or even check services based on custom protocols. Best of all, you can easily set up many monitors without paying anything. Again, please visit the Pricing page, and make your calculations.

    When the service you monitor goes offline or is in other trouble that you want to be aware of, you or any other responsible person you define, will receive an email alert or an SMS alert. You can react in minutes and thus squeeze your downtime to minimum.

    Just give it a try and see that our monitoring service is worth using.

    Support system

    We have installed a ticket system to better handle our contact with you. Our system is based on a standard solution called osTicket. You can either use its interface or just simply use your email to create and reply to your tickets.

    We know that any system that is as complex as Online Domain Tools 2.0 has its bugs. Despite thousands of man hours we have invested in its testing, there are and will be bugs and problems that we have not found. So, please, use our new ticket whenever you run into any kind of troubles or find a bug in our system. We will promptly fix it or at least help you to overcome it. Thank you for your cooperation!