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  • 16.08.2013Big Website Link Checker Upgrade
    One of the best tools we have in our toolbox is a broken link checker that we call Online Website Link Checker. The engine of this tool has been improved significantly. Several noticeable features have been implemented:
    1. Check URLs in CSS is a new option that allows you to let the checker find and check links within Cascading Style Sheets. CSS are a great source of broken links because many of styles are created using copy-and-paste methods without checking and removing an invalid copied content.
    2. Check links in HTML forms is another new option that tells the engine to check the links of HTML forms. Be careful with this! Having this enabled may submit forms on the analyzed website.
    3. Besides the two new analyzing features you can enable or disable, there are tens of new tags and attributes supported by the part of the engine that is responsible for HTML code analysis. It was updated to cover whole HTML4 and HTML5 standards, which we believe is a rare feature on the field of broken link checkers.
    4. Finally, better user experience (no more browser freezing on large websites' results) and better arrangement of the results were also implemented.

    If the previous version of our Website Link Checker was good, the new one rocks! If there is a broken link in your code, this tool will find it.